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Written By: Akshita SoodPublished In: Rummy Passion Date: 14-10-2020

Online rummy is one of the most preferred games when one is looking for entertainment, combined with the opportunity to gain some new skills. It has gained even more popularity in recent years, especially in the Indian State of Maharashtra, owing to the many amazing rewards and bonuses players can claim at different rummy platforms. Although there are many rummy apps available, yet choosing the one most suitable is a decision to be made carefully. Rummy Passion is a popular choice when it comes to playing online rummy games and has been socially acclaimed as India’s Most Loved Rummy App. You might think what makes Rummy Passion the best in the industry? Here are five facts that prove why we are the best when it comes to playing online rummy games.

1. Fair & Secure Gaming

The first aspect you naturally look for in an online rummy application is how secure is it for game lovers. At Rummy Passion, we take the utmost measures to ensure complete safety while you enjoy your beloved rummy games. Here’s a glimpse into what makes the site 100% safe & secure.

  • EV SSL Encryption: EV SSL is recognized as the Gold standard in security for any website. It encrypts the data passed between the browser and web server to keep it confidential. This feature at the site ensures that there is no scope for manipulation, hacking or data theft, and players can enjoy completely secure rummy games.

  • RNG Certification: To ensure a fair deal to every player and proper assertion of scores, the RNG Software has been deployed by the site. It is certified by iTech labs – a renowned gaming software testing agency, and guarantees players a fair, level and unbiased platform to enjoy rummy games.

  • Collaboration with TORF and AIGF: Rummy Passion being an active member of The Online Rummy Federation (TORF) and All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) assures users that the site conforms to all forms of security practices, ensuring the highest standards of security for gaming.

  • Player Verification: Rummy Passion assures you that only genuine rummy lovers join the website. For this, proper player procedures have been set in place, including KYC verification, thorough risk analysis and management, and allowing only those players who have attained the age of 18 to join.

2. Offering a Stellar Online Rummy Experience

You might be wondering what makes rummy Passion a favoured choice amongst rummy lovers. It is not just the vibrant game tables, but a whole load of other features and exclusive services that make players fall in love with the site. Let’s take a glimpse into what makes us India’s Most Loved Rummy Site.

  • Smooth User Interface: To facilitate world-class gaming for rummy lovers, the site provides a smooth and easy-to-navigate interface for players. We have ensured that the site is completely clutter-free and all the main features are available in the main menu for easy access.

  • Exclusive Features: Other than the vibrant game tables and an interactive UI, Rummy Passion offers much more exciting features for every player. These include the Heart button for marking your favourite table, quick game access, the filter button and multiple game tables for every 13-card rummy variant.

  • Passion Rewards Club: The Passion Rewards program is another unique feature to the site where players can get access to many amazing rewards and VVIP service simply by playing their favourite game. You will automatically get enrolled in the club as soon as you register and play the first game.

  • Deposits & Withdrawals: Rummy Passion facilitates the fastest yet highly secure deposit and withdrawal process at the website. There are multiple deposit options available, and players also get the facility of instant withdrawals when they reach the Gold Tier.

3. Sumptuous Promotions and Rewards

Players throng to the vibrant game tables for many reasons including unlimited thrill and entertainment, skill-building opportunities, but most of all, the prospect of winning big cash rewards. If you share the same goal, then Rummy Passion is the perfect app to join. The app hosts a huge number of amazing rummy promotions regularly, including highly-rewarding tournaments and multiple bonus offers. It provides the game lovers with the opportunity to enjoy many more rummy games with the bonus they win and also grab the opportunity to take some additional cash home. You can easily check the latest promotions in the notification panel or the bell icon.

4. Instant Grievance Resolution

What’s a rummy site without proper customer support? The friendly player services team at Rummy Passion is adept in providing the best possible solution to all your rummy queries in the shortest time possible. In fact, it is due to this outstanding service that we have now been able to achieve a player satisfaction rate of 98.4%. Not only this, you can talk to our executives in any of the six Indian languages, viz. Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, and Kannada. The average resolution time for any query is 2 minutes-30 seconds, which is even less for chat support at under 20 seconds. For any grievances that relate to the game, you can easily reach us out through email, call or chat support all seven days of the week.

5. Focus on Responsible Gaming

Rummy is a thrilling game in itself, and all the additional features make it even more exciting and highly entertaining. But some players get too engrossed in the fun, to the point of ignoring other important work. To bring back such players on the right track, Rummy Passion has set up certain measures pertaining to responsible gaming practices. These include a self-assessment survey, setting daily and monthly deposit limits, and the option to self-exclude either temporarily or permanently.

In A Nutshell

There are many reasons why players choose Rummy Passion when it comes to playing online rummy games. The amazing features, world-class gaming experience, sumptuous rewards, expert customer support, easy deposits with fastest withdrawals, and hi-tech security, all while strictly adhering to responsible gaming are what make us India’s Most Loved Rummy App. If you too have passion for playing the Indian rummy game, join us for a rollercoaster ride into the world of online rummy where you can have fun, learn some new skills as well as fill your wallets with some extra cash.

Passion Se Khel!

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