A Brief Throwback to the History of Rummy & How it Evolved?

Written By: AkshitaPublished In: Rummy Passion Date: 18-05-2021

Do you know how a traditional game of cards turned into the 13-card game we know and love today? As a passionate rummy player, we’re sure this question might have crossed your mind many times. The different theories on the evolution of Indian Rummy are pretty fascinating for both game lovers and historians. Unfortunately, all these theories hold no conclusive evidence to its origins and are sometimes just considered mere speculations. Regardless of that, the game is immensely enjoyed by card lovers throughout the world. Here’s a glimpse into how several historians have summed up the evolution of your favourite 13-Card Indian Rummy Game.

The Spanish Roots

The first connection between present-day Rummy and traditional card games is believed to be dating back to the mid-1800s. The origin of modern-day Rummy is often attributed to the conventional Spanish card game, Conquian. Conquian was played by two or more players using a 40-card deck, in which either the King, Queen or Jack or the 8’s, 9’s and 10’s were left out entirely. David Parlett, in his book, describes Conquian as the Father of all present-day rummy games. Most historians claim that the game permeated American society during the 19th century with Spanish migrants, from where on it spread worldwide.

The Asian Connection

In Chinese History, the game of Mah-jong was the first to follow the same draw and discard pattern as seen in Rummy today. Like Indian Rummy, it also uses 13 tiles per player, wherein the player who gives a valid Mah-jong hand before everyone else is the winner. Mah-jong is quite popular in China even to this date, and historians believe that it somehow made its way to India, thus becoming a source of origin for some modern-day rummy rules. The Japanese game Hanafuda is also considered a predecessor to modern-day Rummy, although there’s not much evidence to prove the same.

Did Rummy Originate from Poker?

The game of Poker came into existence much before Rummy did, during the early 1800s. And it may be a reason why a theory on the origins of Rummy connects it to the game of Poker. It is believed that the French settlers in the West derived Rummy from the game of Poker. A famous card-games author, John Scarne, pointed the possibility of Rummy originating from Whiskey Poker, which later came to be known as Rum Poker, finally being modified to Rummy.

Online Rummy – The Heart and Soul of Card-Lovers

There’s a lot of confusion behind the origins of the Indian Rummy Game. Despite that, we all have grown up playing and thoroughly enjoying the game, be it with friends, neighbours or even our grandparents. Its evolution from offline to online has further added an oomph factor to the game. The vibrant game tables, cash rewards for winners, frequent rummy tournaments, and special promotions make it even more exciting and enjoyable. A major perk to playing Rummy online is that those passionate about the 13-card game can quickly enjoy it any time, anywhere as per their comfort. All these factors have truly made the game quite a popular means of entertainment today, both amongst card lovers as well as those looking for ways to improve their skills in inexpensive ways.

In a Nutshell

Although it may be difficult to trace the exact origins of Indian Rummy, there’s no doubt that the game has evolved over regions, breaking boundaries to connect people together. It is easy to learn, and every game throws in new challenges for the players. And that’s a major contributing factor to the growing passion for 13-card Rummy, especially when it comes to competing online. The game has certainly set new benchmarks for the competitive spirits, making Online Rummy one of the most sought-after card games of all time.

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