A Day in an Online Rummy Players’ Life

Written By: AkshitaPublished In: Rummy Passion Date: 31-03-2021

Have you ever wondered how a rummy lovers’ day looks like? We bet you might be thinking that they are either glued to the cards or their phone all day. But that is so not the case. Different players spend their time at the vibrant tables in different ways, and this accounts for many interesting experiences. One such experience was with one of our Black Tier player, Mr Madhu Rajkumar. It was when one of our executives had called him to know about his feedback and experience with Rummy Passion. While stating how much fun he’s had in the past year, he also shared a little story of how he began his journey. And we would love sharing with our other players’ too.

Mr Rajkumar said that his journey with Rummy passion began on a mid-week holiday when he had nothing much to do. He stayed alone at that time in a different city than his hometown and couldn’t visit his family. He called up a couple of friends, but they too were busy with their personal lives, and then one friend suggested him to try playing online rummy, referring him to Rummy Passion. “I downloaded the app and sat down to learn the rules and begun playing around noon. I was hesitant to make a deposit at first, so I began playing at the practice tables. I was hooked instantly, and by the time I looked up my watch, it was already 5 pm – I got so engrossed.” He then made his first deposit and received a 100% welcome bonus to begin a fabulous online rummy journey. He said he’s never looked back since then and has improved his rummy skills by playing regularly and responsibly to get to the Black Tier. He shared a bit with us about his rummy routine, and we realized so many other players, too, might be following a similar pattern. On interviewing a few other players, here’s how we surmised a day in the life of an online rummy lover.

The Morning Session

Mornings are the time when the brain is completely recharged and at its highest capacity. It is the best time to work on your self-development and embracing your passion. For rummy lovers, mornings are when they actually focus on improving their rummy skills. Mr Rajkumar shared that every morning he plays at high-value tables to challenge himself and allow his brain to begin functioning in the most effective manner.

Making The Routine Much More Enjoyable

Most people believe a lot of time is wasted during their commute to and from work, especially for those living in Tier-1 cities. But for the players at Rummy Passion, it is a great opportunity to hone their skills while making an otherwise tedious commute into a journey full of exciting moments. In fact, some players have also said that they look forward to the long commute to enjoy their beloved game without getting distracted.

Break Time Means Fun Time

Work breaks are usually the time to catch up with your colleagues and quickly refresh your mind with your favourite beverage or snack. But for the players at Rummy Passion, these breaks also act as the perfect practice sessions to improve their skills. Some players also tend to use this time for crafting new and innovative rummy strategies and practice them right there and then. Some players even use their lunch breaks to participate in tournaments and grab amazing cash rewards.

Evening Relaxathon

Evenings are the time people truly look forward to after slogging through an entire day of work. It’s a time to de-stress and entertain yourself or enjoy some relaxing moments with your family. But what if you’ve had a bad day at work and take out all that frustration on a roommate or your family members. Here’s when the skill to practice patience and not let your emotions cloud your decisions comes handy. Of course, this too is mastered by playing rummy frequently. In such situations, an online rummy lover would opt for a challenging game at Rummy Passion for diverting their attention and rewire the brain.

Bidding Adieu to the Day with a Rummy Game

Getting a good night’s rest is crucial to begin the next day on a positive note. Yet, at times, the mind is plagued with a lot of thoughts regarding the past and worries about the future. In such cases, sleep deprivation is quite obvious, and counting sheep, too, doesn’t work. Rummy Passion players come to their own rescue in such circumstances and sit down for a game of Pool Rummy or Deals Rummy to refocus the brain, allowing it to get rid of the disturbing thoughts.

In a Nutshell

Not every player needs to follow the same routine as shared above. The important thing is that you play the game according to your schedule in a responsible manner and completely enjoy your time at the tables. The routine shared above is for weekends, but what about the weekends? When we asked our players the same, they shared that weekends are usually spent playing exciting rummy tournaments.The Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD is a popular choice with a prize pool of Rs 1,00,000. Excited to revel in the thrill yourself? Get to the tables now and do share your rummy routine with us. You don’t know how and when your story inspires other players too.

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