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Written By: Mohina GuptaPublished In: Testimonials Date: 06-02-2019

What is it that we check before decide on purchasing a particular product or service? It is something that gives us quite a fair idea of what to expect from that item or service. We are talking about reviews, that are given by the users and experts in the field. When it comes to playing Rummy Online, Rummy Passion and its rummy app are hot favourites of players - and not without reason!

Rummy Passion Values the Feedback of its Customers

The portal believes in constant innovations, and one of the best ways to achieve it is by seeking customer feedback. Rummy Passion values what its users have to say about it and is thankful to them for supporting the site in its efforts to make available a transparent and worthy platform. Presenting some of the client-testimonials randomly picked by the site’s customer support team.

No Control Over Cards You Get

Players are required to form at least two runs, one of which must be pure or without joker. In the modern times, the traditional game is played on the Internet as Online Rummy. Cards are distributed by the gaming software and you cannot exercise any control over them. What you can do is - deciding how to play them well.

  1. Let’s see what a regular player at the tables of Rummy Passion has to share about its free rummy app. Karthi from Namakkal, Tamil Nadu says, “It is very enjoyable and relaxing to play on the app. The game is highly interesting and entertaining. Their customer support gives a good response to all my queries, and in my language Tamil. I feel excited to play with people from all over India. I love mobile rummy - all thanks to the app. Keep up the good work.”
  2. Raj from Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu, shares, “ is no less than a powerful rummy legend. The rummy mobile app has made rummy a pocket game. I play whenever I am out and waiting for somebody. Now, I can also request withdrawal of my prize money on my mobile. So, I don’t need to switch to my laptop for the purpose. RummyPassion is a perfect site and its rummy app an ultimate gaming app.”
  3. “Hi, I am Shamim. I play regularly on the rummy app from Rummy Passion. Participating in the routine tournaments at the site has become very easy now. Bonuses are excellent. Withdrawals are also very flexible. One feature that I like the most is that there are no disturbing adverts when I play on the app. But the good thing is that I get alerts about all the latest offers. I recommend the free RummyPassion app to all”, says this player from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.
  4. Another player from Vellore, Tamil Nadu is of the belief, “It is very easy to play on the app. The interface is highly responsive. Rummy Passion processes and completes withdrawals quickly. What I love the most is the excellent game animation effects. I play in Freeroll tourneys and many times, I have won good prize money. I like only this site.”
  5. Here is what Parth from Eluru, Andhra Pradesh opines about the RummyPassion app, “I am happy with the customer service. They are quick to answer all your queries. If you face any problem, you should report it to them, without any hesitation. They are always ready to extend help. There is no difference between playing directly on the site and playing on the app. Actually, the app provides us with all the facilities on our mobile too.

What is Your Opinion?

Having shared what regulars at Rummy Passion and users of its Rummy App have to say, wouldn’t it be worth a try playing on the RummyPassion app. Download it today and enjoy vibrant rummy games on the go!

Feel free to share the feedback of your experience with the site.

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