Significance of Cash Limits in Online Rummy

Written By: Akshita SoodPublished In: Rummy Passion Date: 12-01-2021

Every person in the country is familiar with the charm of playing online rummy, what with the game providing immense entertainment along with the opportunity to enhance certain skills. In its online version, the game provides players with the luxury of revelling in endless fun and challenges whenever they wish to. But while enjoying at the vibrant game tables, players also need to ensure that their gaming choices do not impact their general lifestyle or even everyday finances.

Online Rummy is a game of skills – and one that thoroughly calls for discipline. The chances of winning big are quite low if the player has a casual attitude, and is not particular about their preferences. That is why, while mastering many other aspects and skills of the game, it is also vital to understand one’s financial constraints and play accordingly, so as to reap the maximum benefits.

However, some players, especially the beginners, are unable to control their urges and often tend to overspend, which most times turns out to be a poor decision. To help such players keep themselves in check, Rummy Passion has set up responsible gaming practices, where players can self-assess themselves and take necessary action to reign back control over their gaming behaviour. Cash limits form a vital aspect of responsible play, and here we explain in detail how these can help you become a better player at the online rummy tables.

What are Cash Limits?

Cash Limits, commonly referred to as the deposit limits in rummy, are meant to ensure that players don’t overshoot their entertainment budget while enjoying at the vibrant game tables. At Rummy Passion, you can quickly set daily and monthly cash limits through the ‘My Account’ section. Once set, players cannot change the amount until 72 hours, giving them sufficient time to rethink their decision. Any player has the choice to set both daily and monthly limits, where the minimum and maximum restrictions vary based on the different tier levels. Here’s all you must know about setting deposit limits at Rummy Passion and why they are important.

Daily Cash Limits

Daily Cash Limits are a boon for rummy lovers who make it a point to play at least a few games every day. There are times when you might plan to play more games, and subsequently add a higher amount in your account, later realizing that the action has affected your budget. This is where setting a daily cash limit can be useful, not allowing you to deposit anything more than what you have planned at the beginning of every month. It has two benefits, on the one hand, you cannot exceed your ideal spends, while on the other you learn to manage your games according to the funds available. For example, you want to play rummy for an hour longer on a particular day, but your limit restricts you to sit down for too many cash games. In such a situation, rather than settling for just the practice games, you could play 201 Pool Rummy Games instead of the usual Points Rummy. The end result – you get to enjoy your favourite card game without worrying about anything but your skills in the game.

Monthly Limits

If you are someone who loves playing rummy only on the weekends, preferring longer sessions in a single go, then daily deposit limits will not benefit you much. Instead, you could set up a monthly cash limit, so that it’s possible to make a big deposit at any time during the month, yet not stretch out your entertainment budget. It will also allow you to participate in any surprise rummy tourneys and win bigger cash prizes. It is best to set up this limit at the beginning of every month when you plan your monthly budget, irrespective of whether you play daily or occasionally.

How Setting Cash Limits Helps you Play Responsibly?

Despite how responsible you believe yourself to be, having someone or something to monitor your actions certainly helps, especially where money is concerned. The option to set a cash limit at Rummy Passion does just the job! You now already know how useful it is to set cash limits before sitting down for an engrossing rummy session so that there’s no cause of worry while you enjoy the back-to-back gaming session. Responsible Gameplay is a core value at Rummy Passion, and we always ensure the best of features and services for our beloved players so that they can enjoy rummy thoroughly without the need to worry for anything else. If you too are a passionate rummy player, set everything aside and fix your daily and monthly deposit limits right away.

Happy & Safe Rummy Games!

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