Types of Gamers You Will Compete Against at Online Rummy Tables!

Written By: Akshita SoodPublished In: Rummy Passion Date: 17-09-2020

The popularity of Online Rummy in West Bengal has risen exponentially over the years, and with it, so have the number of players. Apart from all other benefits, the best part about playing India’s favourite card game online is that you get to enjoy against many different opponents. The level of the thrill is definitely on a high when different player personas clash on the vibrant game tables. Although, you might not know the opponent personally, being able to come up with winning strategies becomes easier if you know their gaming style. Usually, players fall into a specific category, and you may be able to distinguish them by close observation. It is something that can help you render a clear strategy to overpower them. Here is a list of the various rummy personalities you’ll come across at the online rummy tables.

The Amateurs

Rummy, being a game of skill, attracts many new players to the vibrant tables, and as such you’ll find yourself competing against amateur players at least once a day. It isn’t hard to identify the newbies from those having some experience, as they lack the finesse of a seasoned player. They play strictly by the rule book, take a lot of time to play every turn, and may sometimes make grievous mistakes that make them lose the game. Although, the traits may differ from one beginner to another, yet if you have been playing online rummy for long, you’ll be easily able to identify the amateur players. Just keep in mind to not be overconfident while playing against amateurs, lest you make a wrong move yourself.

The Slow Pokes

There are quite a few rummy gamers who despite their experience on the tables, take excruciatingly long durations to play a move. These are the ones who plan a strategy at every step and play their turn just when the timer ends. It may not seem very pleasant to you at first, especially when you already have a move in mind or when you are playing at a 6-player table and need to wait too long for your turn. Instead of letting your emotions reign over, you should utilize this extra time to plan a better game strategy than you already have, analyze the other opponents, and make a note of all the discarded cards.

The Aggressive

Some players tend to make decisions quickly and play every move within the first 10 seconds. You need to be wary of such players, as their quick-thinking skills and aggressive play gives them an edge over any other opponent. It is a high possibility that an aggressive opponent makes a mistake, but he/she also knows how to cover it nicely. They are not too selective about their starting hand and take on every deal with a challenge. If you can follow such an opponent’ gameplay, then you can defeat them with ease.

The Witty

While it is important to possess some wit, especially while competing in a challenging game, some players have the natural ability to bait their opponents through a well-calculated bluff. They may trick others into thinking that either they don’t know how to play or are just about to finish the game. But in reality, they are waiting for you to either panic or adopt a more casual approach until they play their masterstroke and grab a win. To defeat such players, you need to be extremely vigilant and use clever counter-strategies for every trick they play.

The Risk-Averters

It is a unique category of players that fall somewhere between the amateurs and pros. The risk-averters only tend to play games where they get good cards in the starting hand itself. They always estimate the odds of winning and avoid playing games where they may have to make some tough decisions. They keep calculating their points throughout the game, and if they come across unfavourable circumstances, they instantly opt for a drop. You must be extremely careful with such players, as they are most likely to win a game because of their expert calculation of risks.

In A Nutshell

Since rummy is a game of sheer skill, and a lot depends on the players’ presence of mind, being able to unveil the opponents gaming style acts as a major advantage for any player. The above-listed personalities are the ones that are most commonly found on the online rummy tables. These will help you accurately assess the gaming behaviour of your opponent and improvise a strategy to win. We recommend you formulate and practice some new strategies for each player type before-hand, so as to be well-prepared for a big game. We hope you have fun uncovering each opponents’ strategy and besting them with your skills.

Passion Se Khel!

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